This one trick in Gmail will save you hundreds of hours over your lifetime

Tired of setting up multiple email accounts for things like Twitter, Facebook, etc…?

If you spend a big portion of your day online like I do, then you’re probably as frustrated as I am with creating a new Gmail account everytime you want to create/test a new social profile. I know I am.

For whatever the reason, some of us just need multiple Twitter, Facebook, and even Instagram accounts. We all have our reasons, don’t judge.

But the challenge is having to create a new Gmail account (is there really any other comparable email provider?) every time we want to register a new account, since most of these social networks only allow 1 account per email.

So what do you do? Create a new Gmail and try to remember the password, amongst dozens of other accounts? That’s certainly what I used to do. Until I heard of this trick.

Add a + to the end of your email (before the @ part).

It essentially registers as a new email account for the social networks (problem solved there), and delivers the confirmation message directly into your existing gmail account.

So if your email is

And you’re trying to register a new account on Twitter using the same email… here would be the email to use:

funkychicken+[whatever you want to write goes here]

Just add whatever you want in between the + sign and the @ sign, and it will go directly into your original inbox.

Makes sense?

ps – You can also filter in Gmail so all mail with the specific text you put after the + sign goes into a specific folder.

pps – This is also a great way to manage junk mail or track emails from a specific campaign you’re doing.


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